How to specify the location of MrMC data

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MrMC supports a backdoor to specify the location of your MrMC data.

To do so, create a file name in the root of your external storage (normally, "/sdcard"). Its content is simply:<path to the xbmc data root>


Inside this, a directory ".mrmc" will be created which contain the user folder structure ("addons", "userdata", ...). Currently, the specified path must be an android one, i.e. no "smb://" or "nfs://", but you can specify any directory mounted on the android FS, including samba or NFS ones.

Note that the standard Kodi is also supported. If is not found, MrMC will look for as a fallback.

Keypair list

Key Value Specify an alternate path for MrMC data (eg "/storage/sdcard0/external_sdcard/xbmc_data"). Path must exist.
mrmc.obb Alternate location for MrMC OBB (Development)
mrmc.autostart Autostart MrMC after boot (yes/no)
xbmc.jsonPort Alternate JSON-RPC port
xbmc.jsonUser JSON-RPC user, if applicable
xbmc.jsonPwd JSON-RPC password, if applicable