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This section covers Kodi's various settings and where to find them.<section end="intro" />

Settings levels

There are tiered settings levels. Each mode unlocks more settings, and is available by selecting the "Settings level" button, which will also display the currently used level.

System settings

Most of Kodi's global settings can be configured via the GUI (Graphical User Interface) under Settings (labeled "System" under the default skin, Confluence).

Choosing Settings from the Home Screen opens the Settings Window. In this window, you are able to configure Kodi's options:

icon Appearance
icon Videos
icon Live TV
{{#lst:Settings/Live TV|intro}}
icon Music
icon Pictures
icon Weather
icon Add-on manager
{{#lst:Add-on manager|intro}}
icon Services
icon System

Additional settings

icon Video OSD settings
Some video playback settings can (currently) only be accessed while playing a video back and accessing the on-screen-display. For more info see Video playback. These include subtitle and audio track selection, zoom (aspect ratio) options, and more.
icon Media sources
Media sources and scrapers control what files are listed in Kodi and what is scanned into the library. These settings can also control what information is pulled from the internet.
icon Add-on settings
icon Profiles

Advanced settings