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In addition to being a stand-alone media center, MrMC can also be a Plex client. This feature is built-in and requires no additional files or modules of any kind (besides a Plex server, of of course).

If you don't already have a Plex server set up, or would like to learn more about Plex, see and the Plex Media Server documentation.

How it works

When a user is logged into their Plex server from the MrMC settings, the Plex video library is used as if it were the normal MrMC video library. Movies and TV show tabs will show up on the home screen, and watch/resume history shared, just as any other Plex client would do.

Signing in

From the MrMC home screen, go into Settings -> Services -> Plex client client.png

Plex username and password.png Manual sign-in
Manual sign-in will ask for your username and password. These can be entered using the on-screen-keyboard. You can also enter text by using the iOS remote app, which might make entering long passwords easier. To log out, simply select this setting again. pin request.png Pin request sign-in
Pin request allows you to log in from a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. A code will show up on the screen that you will need to enter on This code is only valid for a short while, so if you wait too long then you will need to select the pin request option in MrMC again for a new pin. Once entered correctly, the Plex settings will show that you are now logged in. To log out, simply select this setting again.

Plex Server GDM discovery
An older method of finding Plex servers. Not recommended, as Pin Request is easier and more secure, but is still available as an option. For more information about GDM discovery please see:

Other settings

To access the Plex settings, from the MrMC home screen, go into Settings -> Services -> Plex client

In addition to the above sign-in options, other settings include the following.

Plex Home User
Select which user from your account will be used in MrMC.

Plex Library update interval (mins)
Select how often the MrMC library is synced with the Plex server library. The number is given in minutes, so a setting of 10 will update once every 10 minutes.

Reset above settings to default
What it says. Selecting this option will return all of the visible Plex client settings to default, which will log the user out, turn off DGM, and place the update interval at 10 minutes.