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Based on forum post by chrisc2r on

For Movies

  • poster.jpg - the film poster
  • fanart.jpg - the background artwork
  • movieset-poster.jpg - a poster for the film collection > this should be the same for every film in the collection; I assume the application sets it from the last film scanned.
  • movieset-fanart.jpg -the background artwork for the collection

For TV series

  • poster.jpg - the programme poster
  • fanart.jpg - the background artwork
  • season01-poster.jpg - poster for the first series
  • season02-poster.jpg - poster for the second series
  • ...etc...
  • season-all-poster.jpg - poster for the "all" series
  • season-specials-poster.jpg - poster for the "specials" series
  • <video filename>-thumb.jpg - a thumbnail image for an individual episode


[*]png file also work

[*]if your file has extension .jpeg you need to rename as jpg

[*]the above assumes a one directory per film or TV show - different rules probably apply if you've copied entire DVDs or Bluray discs

[*]to pick up artwork on existing films/programmes you need to go to the information screen and do a rescan of the film/porogramme - just refreshing content won't work. Alternatively you can go into the select artwork screen and navigate to the image manually.