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If you don't already have a account , or would like to learn more about, see

How it works

When a user is logged into their account, MrMC will report watched status of the video or alternatively bulk import/export watched status from the service.

Signing in

From the MrMC home screen, go into Settings -> Services -> client


Trakt1.jpg Pin request sign-in
Pin request allows you to log in from a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. A code will show up on the screen that you will need to enter on This code is only valid for a short while, so if you wait too long then you will need to select the pin request option in MrMC again for a new pin. Once entered correctly, the settings will show that you are now logged in. To log out, simply select this setting again.

Other settings

To access the settings, from the MrMC home screen, go into Settings -> Services -> client

In addition to the above sign-in options, other settings include the following.

Action to take after Library scan has completed
Options are No Action, Push watched status and Pull watched status. This action will be taken every time library is updated on MrMC

Pull watched status from server
Manually initiate pull of all watched items from servers.

Push watched status to server
Manually initiate push of all watched items to servers.

Reset above settings to default
What it says. Selecting this option will return all of the visible client settings to default, which will log the user out and reset action selection to "No Action" .