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1803 Windows 10 Update: If you have trouble connecting to SMB shares on Windows 10!

According to our forum user three6zerocool, Microsof has disabled smb v1 in 1830 update on Windows 10. Seeps to enable it again are below and discussion is on our forums

  1. Type Control Panel in Windows magnifying glass icon Search pane.
  2. Click on programs
  3. Click on Programs and Features
  4. Click on Turn Windows Features on or off
  5. Expand the SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support tree.
  6. Check the box SMB 1.0/CIFS Server
  7. After it installs, restart computer.
  8. In settings, Select Network and Internet, and click Sharing Options, Make sure Turn on Automatic setup of network connected devices and file and printer sharing is on.
  9. Restart computer and Apple TV.

MrMC supports SMB SMB v1 using Samba 3.0.37, libdsm needs to be enabled for any versions > SMBv1.

IMG 4682.PNG

Browse for SMB share

IMG 4684.PNG

or use Zeroconfig if your server supports it

IMG 4683.PNG